Oct 17

The cure for drought

Category: Funny

One thing that is a big problem here in Australia is drought.

Thankfully, Chris Hill from Albury has figured out the solution:

Drought Newspaper Article

Drought Newspaper Article

I haven’t been able to verify this as I don’t have access to the Border Mail, however I really enjoyed reading this. I don’t know whether the funniest thing is that he wrote the article, or whether the newspaper actually printed it is funnier.

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May 8

Spyware: the silent but deadly force slowing down your computer

Category: Software

I am consistently asked by friends to reformat their computers due to them lagging up too much and them having trouble doing their day-to-day stuff. I then ask them to do three things, install Spybot search and destroy, install adaware personal, and ensure they have an anti-virus. And then they get all fussy and tell me how they don’t want to spend money on software and they don’t like pirated software and I have to explain to them that ALL THREE of these programs are available free. They are all incredibly easy to use, and regular use will keep your machine clean and safe.

I have talked about spybot before, and I highly recommend you use this tool. It is incredibly powerful and efficient. Make sure you download this and install it. Very easy to use, so just do it.

The next weapon in my arsenal against spyware is AdAware personal. Yet again available free from here.

Antivirus, one would think that something like antivirus is only worth getting the best, and so you MUST have to pay for it, but for the average, (non commercial), Joe, there is free antivirus solutions that is more than competent for what we need.

I personally have only ever used AVG on my personal computers, it is fast, does not lag up my system, does not mess up my gameplay and updates regularly enough for me to feel comfortable. You can get it from the avg site.

One that my relatives seem to use is Avast! home, personally I’ve never used it, but they’ve never complained, so I would love some feedback on this if people have used it, and make sure you grab it from the avast! site.

So there you go a basic security package to prevent viruses and spyware, the two things that slow down computers. If your computer is running slow, give it a try before you reformat, what’s a couple of minutes trying to do this quickly over a full reformat and reinstallation of your software.

Also just a disclaimer, I’m not saying that these options are the ULTIMATE BEST EVER NEVER GET A VIRUS/TROJAN/SPYWARE/POSSESSED CAT or anything like that, these are some easy to use tools, that can be used as part of an arsenal to combat these problems, except for maybe the possessed cat.


May 8

Demotivational Poster: Inspiration

May 7

Demotivational Poster: Unique


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Feb 5

Facebook – ignore and block all apps.

Category: How-To



I have been using Facebook almost since they first allowed international members. It’s a fantastic site for social networking, I’ve found friends on there that I would have had no form of contact with any other way, and I highly recommend it. However as your friends list starts creeping into the hundreds, you notice that all of a sudden you get more and more application requests. It gets ridiculous. Like 50 on an average day, over a hundred on a really busy day. And my name starting with an A doesn’t help either.

But alas my dream cure has arrived. Since Facebook has obviously received countless requests to block application requests, (the closest you can get as far as I know, is to delete all your applications and block applications all together, or the next best is to go through and block each one, one by one.), as shown by the countless groups with thread after thread on Facebook support wont write back to me on the issue.

Well the cure is here: Read more

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Jan 11

Rambo (2008) Australian Release Date + Trailer

Category: Movies


Another film I have been dying to see is Rambo. I’m a big fan of the Rambo series. Always have been and I hope it can have the finish(?), that is deserving of such a film series. Read more


Jan 8

The Incredible Hulk (2008) movie – Release Date

Category: Movies


It is good to see that they have decided to do a remake/sequel, (yes that is what it was categorised as), of the first Incredible Hulk film. The entire cast and writing team was remade so that it could be classed as a sequel but also be “different enough to be classed as a reboot”. And to be fair, with Edward Norton as the Hulk, Liv Tyler, Tim Roth and William Hurt also appearing in the film, I think we can see a big change from the first. Also it appears as though Edward Norton wrote the script, so I can’t wait to see how it turned out. Read more

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Jan 8

Speed Racer the movie: Australian Release Date

Category: Movies


Having been a big fan of Speed and the Mach 5 as a child, I for one cannot wait for the film to come out. The Wachowski brothers of Matrix fame, have put this one together. It obviously can go one way or the other, as this is one of those high risk catagories as turning a 1960′s cartoon into a film is obviously going to be hard work. I do like the cast though, John Goodman is pops, Emile Hirsch as Speed, Christina Ricci as Trixie could all work, and they also have Matthew Fox, Susan Sarandon and a few other actors I’m sure you’ve all seen before. Read more


Jan 7

Visual Studio Express 2008

Category: Technology News

I recently was in need of building a program and wanted it to be windows based, and decided to get back in to visual basic. After realising that I couldn’t find my Visual Basic 6 CD, definitely lost somewhere over the years of it being forgotten, I decided to check out what they were up to online and see if I could grab a copy of the latest  Visual Basic, heading to the Microsoft site, I was amazed to see that they had finally pulled their finger out and made a free version of their visual studio. At only a gigabyte to download, I quite contently downloaded it and was ready to go. Read more

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Dec 2

Super Mario Bros. Played on Musical Tesla Coil

Category: Gadget

Quite honestly one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. I did not know that this actually worked, and by ‘this’ I mean that Tesla coils can produce sound. The sounds you are hearing is actually being produced by the electrical sparks themselves, and apparently it is incredibly loud, (over 110 dB’s). Enjoy! (I have also included the notes from the video, as I thought they were quite interesting. Read more


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